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7 reasons why your venue should switch to mobile ordering

April 26, 2022
Evan - Marketing Assistant

Mobile ordering is the future

With traditional hospitality services evolving into more digitally-led processes, with QR code menus and online ordering platforms popping up here, there and everywhere, you need to keep up with the competition and future-proof your venue.

Thankfully you're not too late to the party, and there's no better time than now to move to a mobile ordering solution. Here are 7 reasons why you should make the switch today!

Upsell & Cross-Sell

Do you have a seasonal menu with popular items you want to push? Tell your customers what's new! Does this chicken dish go well with a side salad or chips? Give your guests a recommendation! What cocktails are included in your two-for-one happy hour offer? Let your thirsty patrons know!  

Being in the hospitality space, you know the importance of upselling and cross-selling your food and drinks to entice customers to try new products, provide suggested pairings and ultimately get them to spend more money at your venue.

Mobile ordering systems like Peazi offer this useful suggestion feature. You simply customise your digital menu to your choosing, which your punters can easily access via their mobile web browser after a quick scan of a QR code. Our customer, Modo, increased their cocktail sales by 25% by upselling their drinks on their flexible online menu - and with Peazi, there's no reason why your venue can't achieve the same results.

Support Your Staff

Your staff are the crucial ingredient that gives your venue the unique flavour that ultimately determines the long-term success of your business. However, now the hospitality industry has bounced back, a global issue around staff shortages has been noticed. This has made life challenging for owners, managers, and employees. But what if there was a quick and simple solution to support this?

Thankfully, mobile ordering solutions such as Peazi are here to ease the pressures of staff shortages. Before you think about asking your staff to work a bit later on the weekend and before you look to recruit new starters to cope with the increased demand of customers, first consider Peazi as the latest addition to your team.

Take Duke Street Market, for example. With help from Peazi, they no longer need a staff member to take orders at their kiosks or general waiting staff to take drinks orders. Instead, their guests use the online ordering system to order at their own pace, meaning staff can focus on prepping and delivering orders. What's more, with 100% of their orders being placed through Peazi, they saw a 200% increase in tips in just one month - allowing them to give their staff a bigger piece of the pie.

Delight Your Customers

Providing a great customer experience is hugely important to the success of any hospitality business. You want to provide your guests with a service to really smile about, to ensure they keep coming back to treat themselves to your delicious meals and tasty beverages.
Today people don't always want the hassle of having to go up to the bar and wait to be served, and no matter how lovely your staff are, some people just prefer to avoid the interaction. Now, we're not saying you should replace your at the bar or waiter services, but our mobile online ordering system can be an alternative to help meet the public's expectations.  
With Peazi, your customers simply walk into your venue, pull up a seat, scan a QR code on their table and order and pay where they sit. A process that may have taken minutes can now be done in as little as 20 seconds with no faff and no fuss. Our customers have found that by using Peazi, they have seen zero walkouts, reduced guest waiting times, increased table turnover and overall more satisfied customers.

No download, No problem

You may be considering an order and pay solution to take your hospitality venue to the next level, and you'd be smart to do just that. However, not all order and pay apps are equal.

Some mobile ordering apps require a user to download the app when they enter the venue, which, let's be honest, is a real faff for customers. Not to mention these apps can be expensive to build and maintain. However, Peazi offers an alternative - a web app solution that requires no download, no registration and no personal data necessary.

Get customers to order by having them simply scan a QR code which takes them to your branded and fully bespoke menu in their mobile device browser. Here they can order and pay in your venue. In the time it takes a guest to download an app, with Peazi, that guest's cold pint of beer could already be on its way to their table.

Faff-less & Paperless Menus

When it comes to the hospitality industry, digital mobile order and pay apps genuinely are the way forward. With most people on the planet having access to a mobile device, having an online menu instead of a physical one just makes sense, doesn't it? Not only that, a paperless menu can save your business time and money.

Designing and printing menus can be a real headache, with the process being time-consuming and some customers not really appreciating all the hard work you've put in. Also, physical menus cost money, and there's no worse a feeling than when a guest accidentally spills a pint over your carefully crafted design, ruining it forever. Or when the printing company accidentally misspells the word 'Dessert', meaning you have to scrap those 50 menus you've just ordered.

Not to mention that physical menus aren't sustainable, with paper accounting for nearly 26% of total waste at landfills. Also, how hygienic is it really for people to be sharing menus in today's climate?

All of these stresses can be avoided with the Peazi web app. We give you the ability to create your own bespoke QR code menu, which you can customise and update as and when you like, making detailing allergen and dietary requirements a breeze. This can also be linked directly to your Epos system. Want to add a new item to your online menu? No problem, we'll show you how. Taken a nice picture of your gourmet burger? Tasty! You can have it on your online menu in a matter of minutes. Do you have a weekly happy hour? Peazi offers automatic timed menus meaning you can set up a recurring happy hour feature on your menu and when it’s finished, it will be hidden until the next week.

Oh, and by the way, instead of waiting a few weeks to receive your physical menus, we'll have you up and running on our system within 48 hours. With Peazi, it really is that Peazi!

Keeping it Cashless

Does anyone carry cash nowadays? As more and more people become accustomed to contactless pay, the mobile app ordering process has to follow suit.

Peazi stays up-to-date with modern society and is compatible with Apple and Google Pay, giving customers an easy, hassle-free mobile experience when ordering off your QR code menu. We'll keep this one short and sweet - just keep it cashless.  

Make More Peazi

Customers often spend more in hospitality venues when using a mobile ordering solution like Peazi. Whether they're pre-ordering a click and collect takeaway or are sitting in a hotel bar, customers love the ability to order what they want, when they want, without the stress of feeling pressured to order whilst a waiter looms over them or to call and place an order over the phone. When punters have the option to take their time to decide what they like, they'll often order more.

Because web apps like Peazi give the user the ability to order at any time, your patrons feel in control - as if they've got their own personal waiter on hand as and when they need them. For example, one Peazi customer said since switching to us, people are spending more at their venue, and their order volume has increased by 60%.

Ultimately, by switching to a web app like Peazi, you will be sure to see a ROI and an increase in sales. Now isn't that some food for thought!
Our complete-in-venue solution caters to everyone in the hospitality industry. We cater to Pubs & Bars, Restaurants, Cafes, Sports Stadiums, Food Hall & Markets, Hotels & Holiday Parks, Takeaway & Delivery, and everything in between. Peazi really is the easiest and fastest way to order and pay, bar none.

Hungry for more? Get in touch with our team today, and we'll come back to you within 24 hours to show you what our packages can bring to the table.

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