Stadiums & Arenas

How Peazi's Order and Pay service helps with Stadiums & Arenas?

Peazi's Order and Pay service eliminates the need for customers to wait in long lines or flag down waitstaff to place their orders. Customers can easily browse the menu, customise their food and drink choices, and make payments through their smartphones or other devices. The software offers a simple and convenient payment processing system, including options for tipping, and secure transactions, providing a seamless and efficient ordering experience for customers. This reduces wait times at the venue, increases customer satisfaction, and boosts the overall operational efficiency of the business.

Our app-less solution removes the need for queues at Theatres and Sports Stadiums, drastically improving your guest experience. No one likes waiting in queues, especially when you're attending a live event. But, with Peazi, the wait is over.

With Peazi's online bespoke menu, upselling your vendor's items is eazi. For example, your customer could select a burger, and a recommendation could tempt them to add chips to their order. This will swiftly and simply boost your sales. In addition, you can decide how you receive and display orders, be it on a tablet, printer or handheld device. Peazi really does cater to your needs.  

Sports fans and concert-goers can pre-order their half-time drink or pick up their interval snack without the faff of having to wait. So, customers can spend more time cheering on their team or rocking out to their favourite artist and less time queuing. Meaning you can decrease your waiting times and increase your order numbers, a win-win for everyone.


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People gossip about Peazi, and so they should!

We love Peazi, but we're probably biased. So here's some lovely things our customers have said about us. Read the rest over on Google reviews.
"As a business Peazi makes our service so much more organised and effective. We have a higher turnover of tables because it’s so easy for guests to order and pay quickly....."
Lee Bannon-Smith
General Manager, Duke Street Market
"During our Christmas market popup in Leeds, Peazi helped us increase our spend per head and decrease wait times. We'd previously had frustrations about wait times and customers not choosing more premium options..."
Lee Jones
Creative Director, Rolling Social Events
"Works brilliantly for our hot food takeaway business. Our sales has increased significantly with Peazi's expertise and we would thoroughly recommend to anyone who requires an online platform to boost their income!"
Owner, Treasure City
"As Manager at What The Pitta restaurant I have found the Peazi system easy to use, and it has greatly increased the number of orders we receive day-to-day."
William Bigwood
General Manager, What The Pitta

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