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Can You Implement New Technologies Without Compromising Your Quality of Service?

March 14, 2022
Michael - Marketing Manager

Covid-19 has led to a digital transformation within the hospitality sector, and one of the most prominent changes we have witnessed has been the introduction of mobile order & pay. Amongst other benefits, this new tech has played a vital role in reducing contact points in-venue, keeping staff and customers safe.

However, many operators remain sceptical about introducing this technology for fear that it will remove the personalised guest experience our industry is known for. It must therefore be asked- can operators increase the use of technology in their customers’ journey without reducing their quality of service?

Make it Work for You

An important thing to consider is that mobile solutions are flexible- they can be moulded to suit the needs of your business. So, if a core part of your service involves talking guests through the flavours in your dishes, then why not use a mobile solution for payments only, whilst orders are placed through staff? You could even have it so that your bar area continues to allow both orders and payments to be received through mobile technology, allowing guests to easily reorder their drinks.

The key point to remember here is that mobile order & pay is not one fixed solution, it can work however you want it to.

Let Your Staff Do The Jobs They Love

Even in instances where venues take 100% of orders through mobile tech, this in no way reduces staff/customer interaction- in fact, it has quite the opposite effect.  

As your tech processes orders and payments for you, staff have more time to focus their attention where it really matters: welcoming customers, delivering orders and checking everything is perfect for your diners.

For this reason, staff find that mobile ordering has made their job significantly easier and more enjoyable as they have more time to do what they love- positively interacting with customers. This inevitably boosts your customer experience, and there is no better way to measure this then the significant increase in tips recorded by venues using mobile solutions.

Speed of Service

In addition to improved customer interactions, mobile order & pay also solves a key pain point- waiting to pay the bill. Lumina data suggests that, on average, it takes between 12-17 minutes from finishing a meal for guests to request the bill and pay it. With mobile tech, this frustrating delay is instantly removed.

However, it is vital that you choose a solution that does not detract from your guests experience- those that require lengthy app downloads or registrations can lead to frustrations for guests. On the other hand, an app-free and frictionless solution will make ordering and paying quicker and easier than ever before. This new found convenience for guests is guaranteed to significantly enhance your customer journey.

The Verdict

With all things considered, it is clear that mobile technology is not here to make hospitality any less hospitable. On the contrary, it supplements and enhances the great service that is already in place.

With guests ordering at their own pace in a safe and secure environment, and with staff having more time to interact with guests, your customer service is guaranteed to be better- and more personalised- than ever before.

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