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Frequently asked questions
Frequently asked questions
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General FAQs

General, every day questions about Peazi, how it works, and how to get started.

Is Peazi an app?
Nope, all web-based baby!
Will it reduce customer interaction?
This is always a big misconception. Order and pay for hospitality venues won't reduce customer interaction or their experience. Instead, it actually enhances it as your team have loads of freed-up time they would be taking orders to spend with customers. This leads to a better overall experience for everyone involved.
How will Peazi help my staffing?
Order and pay helps reduce labour costs but also supports the team you have in place. Order and pay is not a replacement for great people, it's there to free up their time from repetitive tasks, mistake managing, and taking payments so they can focus on your customers and their experience.
How do I get QR codes?
Your QR codes are the bread and butter of your order and pay offering. We offer a selection of free QR code designs that can be customised with your own colours and logos which are free. We also offer bespoke designs which are individually quoted to your needs. Designs can be printed on a variety of materials and in varying sizes. Once you have signed up, your account manager will ask for details and show you the options available for your to choose from.
Do my customers want to order from their phones?
We are constantly running surveys and getting feedback from our venues and their customers about what they really want when it comes to a decent experience. It turns out that most customers actually prefer to look after the ordering themselves. It's less rushed, prevents waiting, mitigates delays, and just lets them define their own experience. Be sure to grab a copy of our Hospitality Customer Insights Report from 2023 for more detailed insights.
Is Peazi worth switching to?
Definitely! But we obviously would say that. We tend to have the edge on a lot of other order and pay solutions when it comes to data sensitivity, ease of use, speed, and a few unique features. Head over to our comparisons page to see just how we measure up.
Is there training?
It would be cruel to not offer help! Whilst Peazi's software is intuitive and easy to use, we offer a range of online, self-led, and in-person training options to suit your needs. Our help centre is always being updated with helpful advise and articles too, to help you get the most out of Peazi.
Do you have Support?
Of course! We have an amazing crew here at Peazi who are on hand via call, email, and chat to offer you support. Once signed up, you will also have your own dedicated account manager who will be there to support you, too.
How long does it take to get set up?
Getting set up with Peazi is easy! Simply sign up via our website, select your pre go live call where we'll check you're all good to go, upload your menu or let us do it for you, display your QR codes and you're done! It's really that simple.

Features FAQs

Questions relating to some of the specific features and  functionality within Peazi.

Is the Peazi menu customisable?
For sure! Our digital menu is easy to change and customise. With just a few clicks you can change and add new items, offers, discounts, and timed menus. And of course, our free menu migration service is available to all new Peazi customers.

Pricing FAQs

Info on our pricing structure, how we charge, our pricing calculator, and more.

How long does it take to receive our payments?
2-3 days
How do you pay staff their tips?
Any tips taken through Peazi can be sent to your venue's TiPJAR account and automatically distributed to your staff.
What are your transaction fees?
We charge our transaction fees based on the number of orders placed through Peazi. We've made this low and flexible in order to have packages to suit everyone's needs. Check out our estimates calculator to see what your Peazi fees could be.

Dashboard FAQs

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How do I find out my Sales?
Peazi has an easy-to-use and read reporting dashboard that lets your view and filter your sales. Simply head to reporting your dashboard and filter away!

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