Become a Peazi Partner and be rewarded for helping venues save money, make money, and deliver killer service.

May 17, 2023
Michael - Marketing Manager

What is the Peazi Partner Programme?

Peazi is on a simple mission, to help 100,000 hospitality venues around the world save money, make money, and deliver killer customer experiences. Now, we're not deluded (apart from that one guy in marketing who thinks he's going to marry Zendaya), we know one of the best ways to reach lots of new venues is the same way you get lots of new customers..... Referrals! There is nothing more powerful than someone saying, "Hey, that place is awesome, you should go there", or "Have you tried this new app? I'm addicted it's so good".

Thats why, we've put together a stupidly good partnerships package offer for those who work with the hospitality industry. This is a little different to our affiliate programme which is more for the public and individuals, this programme is aimed at consultants, businesses, agencies, not-for-profits, venue and group owners, and others who have regular contact with hospitality industry leaders and owners.

If you think you are in a position to refer at least one new venue to Peazi every 6 months, then this is for you!

What's in it for you?

Our partner programme doesn't mess around. We appreciate you recommending us to your clients and venues. For every new venue you help Peazi successfully sign up, you will receive 50% of the software fees for six months! That's right, you will continue to receive income generated from the venues for six months from the time they sign up and make their first payment to Peazi.

There's no catch, no small print, no get out of jail free card for us. If you help us sign up a new venue, you'll get paid, it's really that simple.

Let's talk moolah £

Our software fees are really transparent to help venues get an idea of their investment from the start. We even provide a pricing calculator throughout our website! Our software fees are broken down into two types of payments, the software fee and the dispense location fee. These two types of payments are what you will receive 50% of for six months.

Software fee

The software fee is our monthly charge for access and use of all the features Peazi has to offer. We don't lock anything away, you get it all from day one! Our standard charge is £125 a month per venue for our software fee, but this can change depending on different factors such as payment type (monthly vs annual), etc.

Dispense locations

A dispense location is where venues receive orders. So if you order a burger and a cocktail, the burger order would go to the kitchen and the cocktail to the bar. This would class as two dispense locations. Some venues only need one and we cover the cost of one dispense location in our software fee. However, venues such as food halls or larger more complex events or venues often need multiple dispense points. We currently charge £50 per month per dispense point, but include one within the software fee.

What could you get?

So imagine you referred a food hall. It has one venue, 10 vendors, and two bars. This could mean a monthly software charge of £625. Over 6 months, you could receive a total payout of £1875! Not too shabby just for an intro and recommendation.

How do I refer new venues to Peazi?

To get started as a Peazi Partner, you will need to apply using the short form linked below. Once approved, you will be given a link to your own Peazi page which you can share, send out, and use to promote and refer venues to Peazi. If someone sign ups up to Peazi using the page you share with them, you will receive your partner payouts.

How do payouts work?

Payouts will be made in 3 month intervals from the point the venue first pays Peazi. So if we get out first payment in December, you will get your first payment in March, and second payment June. This helps ensure you're getting a nice big chunk of money for every payout. If a client pulls out of their deal with Peazi during the initial 6 months, your payments will stop.

Will we get anything to help with referrals?

Of course! As well as your own Peazi page for venues to sign up to Peazi with, we will give you your own 1 to 1 demo of Peazi so you can better understand how it works and how it could help the venues you work with. You will also receive regular updates about our product roadmap so you can give your clients and venues an exclusive sneak peek at whats coming in the future. If you need other materials, just drop us a message, we'll be happy to help.

Apply to be a Peazi Partner

Want to be a Peazi partner? I don't blame you! Venues win with an awesome piece of kit, and you win with a big payout! Thanks to your help, we'll get to help a load of new venues save money, make money, and deliver killer customer experiences! To get started, simply email with your name, business name, and what your business does. Then, we'll drop you a message with more info and for you to book your 1 to 1 to see how the app all works. From there, we will send you a link to your own Peazi page to share with your clients, venues, and contacts so you can start earning!

Have any questions? Drop a message to and we will get back to you asap.

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