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How Modo Increased Sales & Speed of Service

February 21, 2022
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What was the problem to solve?

Covid-19 brought an array of new rules for the hospitality industry, one of which was a ban on vertical drinking. This posed a large challenge for venues like Modo, who previously received the vast majority of their orders at the bar. The transition to manual table ordering, across multiple floors, meant that Modo faced soaring labour costs, and slow customer service for guests.

What challenges did Modo face?

As a venue geared towards selling high volumes of drinks at affordable prices, speed of service is key for Modo. However, this was greatly hindered by staff manually taking orders at-table.

After several months of closure during national lockdown, Modo, like many venues across the UK, faced the issue of having large quantities of stock to sell

As a wet-led venue, Modo relies heavily on staff upselling ‘doubles’ and drink promotions. Modo director, Andy Donaldson, was concerned that implementing a mobile app to take orders would mean missed opportunities to promote and upsell

Known for its 2-4-1 cocktails, Modo worried that implementing an app would mean they would not have the flexibility to make their off-peak promotions available based upon A) the time of day and B) the day of the week

How did Peazi help?

As Modo joined the industry in reopening on 4th July, they opted to trial two methods of service: staff service was manually carried out upstairs, whilst Peazi was utilised at the downstairs bar.

Within days, Peazi proved to be the most efficient method of service by far, with the volume of orders exceeding those before social distancing measures were in place. The issue of speed of service was not only resolved, but faster than ever before.

To work with Modo’s unique three-floor set-up, Peazi created one Modo menu, with three separate dispense areas. This meant that guests could sit at a table, scan a QR code, and place their order. Peazi would then recognise exactly where guests were seated based on their QR code, and their order was sent to print at the allocated bar.

To prevent wastage of stock, Peazi placed priority items right at the top of menus, meaning customers couldn’t miss them. This played a huge part in both reducing stock wastage, and increasing the sale of premium stock.

Furthermore, to ensure no upsell opportunities were missed, Peazi was configured to suggest doubles for all spirits, whilst promotions were clearly highlighted in the app. These promotions, such as the 2-4-1 cocktails hours, were set up as timed-menus, meaning they would become available (and unavailable) at exactly the right time of day.

What were the results?

90% of orders were taken through Peazi

Labour costs were significantly reduced. Where three waiters were initially required to serve the outdoor seating area, Peazi reduced this to just one.

Order volume increased by 60% due to greatly increased efficiency

The sale of premium stock greatly increased. Before Peazi, Modo had no physical menus and no back bar display, meaning limited products were on show to customers. Peazi allowed Modo to easily display their entire menu, and by making premium products clearly visible, the sale of these items greatly increased

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