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How to offer a successful and cost-effective Click & Collect

April 11, 2022
Michael - Marketing Manager

With takeaway becoming the fastest growing trend in hospitality, it’s a service you can’t afford to miss out on. However, many operators are understandably put-off by the big fees that accompany big delivery platforms.

So, why not consider offering your own click and collect service instead? This can be done quickly, cheaply and without interfering with your operations. Read on to find out how click & collect can benefit your business, and how to make it a success!

Why Collection Can Trump Delivery

1. It is much more cost effective

Market leaders can charge up to 35% per transaction when using their delivery services. By offering your own click and collect, you are guaranteed to protect your profit margins by significantly saving on fees. For example, we have helped city centre venues who previously relied on Deliveroo to independently offer their collection service-they saved hundreds of pounds every night.

2. Customers are happy to collect

Multiple studies show that your customers are more than happy to collect their orders, with the majority also saying they’d rather order directly through venues instead of using third parties. This is because collection ensures that their food is received in a perfect condition and piping hot every single time (no late deliveries or cold food!). Even better, when serving customers directly for collection, you have the opportunity to interact with your customers, providing them with that friendly and personalised experience that keeps customers coming back.

3. It stops you giving away your customers

Major delivery platforms take your customers data and use it to benefit their platform, not yours. Instead of risking your customers being driven to competitors, offering your own collect service means your hard earned customers are much more likely to stay loyal to your business.

Sounds Great! Where Should I Start?

First things first: think about how you’d like to take orders.

The great thing about Click & Collect is that it is an easy service to provide operationally, you just need to think about how you’d like customers to place their orders. This could be done independently, taking orders via the phone or online messaging, or through a third party online solution.

What are the benefits of using an app for Click & Collect?

If you’re already using big platforms for deliveries that are working well, keep these going! You can introduce a separate app for collection alongside these, through which you’ll significantly save on costs compared to your deliveries. Gently build-up these click & collects, until (for example) you only offer delivery a couple of nights a week. The savings will speak for themselves!

Key Benefits:

  • Using an app makes it super easy for guests to place orders. A link can be found on your website & social media, which will allow guests to instantly view your menu, order and pay in seconds
  • Some apps, such as Peazi, allow guests to pre-order up to 6 days in advance. This has been hugely beneficial to venues, as pre-orders allow operators to effectively plan their labour & ingredients in advance, meaning less wastage, reduced labour costs, and increased sales due to improved efficiency.
  • Apps such as Peazi are a complete solution, meaning it can function as an at-table Mobile Order and Pay system too. This means if operators decide they’d like to offer mobile ordering in-venue, they can use one solution for everything, making life much easier!
  • Last but not least- apps can be super cost effective. For example, Peazi is a low-cost order and pay solution, that costs operators less than £3.50 a day!

How Can I Ensure My Click & Collect is a Success?

Your customers are willing to collect their orders, so all you need to do is shout about your new service loud and proud!

  • If using an app/online platform to take orders, ensure there is a link to this on your website and in all your social media bios! This means people cannot visit your pages without hearing about your takeaway service.
  • Try a social media competition to launch your new service! If people share your competition post and spread the word of your new Click & Collect, they could win a free meal for 2.
  • Send a mailshot out to your existing customer database letting them know about your new offering, and ensure you build up a database of newly acquired customers to keep them in the loop about what tasty offers you might have for collection.

Fancy Giving it a Go?

Especially for those businesses with a loyal customer base, click and collect can provide a really successful, cost-effective source of income. Fancy giving it a go? Get in touch today and see how Peazi can give your business a helping hand!

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