Not all Order & Pay Apps are Equal

March 2, 2022
Michael - Marketing Manager

In today's crazy climate, order and pay systems have become more prevalent than ever before as venues seek to improve their efficiency and customer experience. Everyone in the hospitality space wants a piece of the pie, from pubs and restaurants to everyone in-between.

Your venue could have the tastiest foods and most ‘instagrammable’ cocktails; however, if your business doesn't have a great mobile solution to host customer orders and payments, you'll soon crumble to the rapidly changing demands of the industry.

This article will whet your appetite over the key considerations of choosing the right order and pay solution and what features can make the best recipe for success.

Before we tuck in, we need to let you know that there are two options for you to consider when deciding on a mobile order and pay solution. You can either go for a native app or a web app like Peazi. So what's the difference between the two, we hear you ask.

Well, a native app needs to be downloaded and installed onto a customer's smartphone, whilst a web app is based on an internet browser and easily accessed through a scannable QR code or a venue's Wi-Fi login.

Now that's all cleared up, let's get into the key considerations you should take when choosing a mobile ordering solution for your business.

App-less is faff-less

Here's some food for thought, a WI5 survey found that 69% of 18-34s would use mobile ordering more if they didn't have to download an app. As we mentioned, a native app needs to be downloaded by the user, whereas the web app is browser-based.  

These day’s people don't have the time, patience or storage space on their smartphones to faff about downloading an app at a venue. Instead, customers just want to order their food and drink as quickly and easily as possible.

A web app such as Peazi requires no download, no registration and is a more frictionless option. Customers simply open their camera, scan a QR code on their table, and order and pay off your digital menu. This results in a 0% chance of customer walkouts and increases your businesses sales - a win-win.

So, if a seamless solution with more efficient customer service is what you're looking for, then you're going to be better off with the web app option.

What costs are involved?

Typically native apps are more expensive in the long run than web apps. Our co-founder, David, sums up the reasons why pretty well.

Web apps are cheaper and quicker to develop because they are not device-specific, so only one version needs to be built. In addition, regardless of the browser that the customer is using, e.g. Chrome or Safari, the browser will adapt to the web app.

Additionally, web apps are much easier and cost-effective to maintain and update. A native app, on the other hand, will need round the clock maintenance, approval from an app store and will require the user to constantly install updates. So, when you need to change up your digital menu, you'll save time and money with a web app.

Whether you go for a native app or web app, you should ask your provider for a breakdown of the costs involved. With Peazi, we take a flexible and transparent approach to our affordable packages. We cater to anyone and everyone in the hospitality industry.

Consider your customers & staff

“The customers love to use it. Operators love to use it. And the staff love to use it.”

- Niels Nielsen Co-Founder Peazi

You know how important your customers and staff are to your business, so you should keep them in mind when deciding which route to go down with order and pay.

Many native and web apps focus on collecting customer data, which can put patrons off using their systems. With Peazi, we want to benefit from the data and user behaviour, but we keep that anonymous, which puts the customers at ease.

Your staff will be using your chosen order and pay system daily, so you need to ensure they're going to be comfortable and happy using it. One feature we like to include is the option for a customer to tip your staff before they checkout. Some of our customers have seen a 200% increase in tips with Peazi.

Simply ask your customers and staff what option would work best for them. You could do this by giving your customers a form to fill out at your venue, a poll on your social channels, or you could even show them this blog!

When choosing your order and pay solution, there are some key benefits and features to look out for. We can say that Peazi ticks every box below.

Bespoke Digital Menu

Operators can add their menu to their app, customising elements live prices, portion sizes, allergen information and scheduling, i.e. breakfast, lunch and evening menus.

A disadvantage of customising your digital menu on a native app is that it will likely require a user to update the app on their smartphone. On the flip side, a web app like Peazi will automatically update in real-time when you change your menu.

“If we've got certain things that we'd like to push in certain times or certain menus, it gives a lot more flexibility in terms of just kind of putting them on or adding them to our menu.”

- The Liars Group

Reduce staff costs & serve more customers

Having either a web or native app can help you better manage your staff, allowing you to serve more people without the need to increase your team.

"We've smashed all sales records. We're selling more drinks than ever before."  - Dukes 92

"It makes the staff journey a lot easier and puts a little more emphasis on the customer."  - Pins Social Club

"With Peazi, we're selling more drinks per hour than we ever thought was possible." - Modo

Upsell Opportunities & ROI

With a customisable menu and the capability to serve more patrons, your chosen app will also allow you to push offers and upsell certain products, ultimately leading to an ROI. For example, some of our customers have seen a 25% increase in cocktail sales alone since using Peazi!

"We've definitely seen a return on investments as a result of Peazi." - Graffiti Spirits Group

"If you wanna push certain items or certain offers, we can then do it a lot more easily because we've got a lot more control over the actual menu itself." - The Liars Group

Click & Collect Functionality

Most venues today offer the option for click and collect, table service, delivery and takeaway. Any good app on the market should cater to this functionality, and we're one of them!

Peazi stands out because we only take a pinch of takeaway transaction charges (1.4%), unlike other market leaders who charge 18%- 30% per transaction. Ultimately, these savings go straight to your business.

Varied Payment Options

As more and more people choose to pay via cardless payment methods, most order and pay web and native apps now cater to this. Peazi allows venues to accept payments via Apple Pay and Google Pay, with no credit or debit card details necessary.

Integrates with Epos

If you have an existing Epos system, be sure the web or native app you choose can integrate with it.

Peazi can act as a standalone or can integrate with your Epos system. What's more, we can get you set up within 24 hours.

Peazi is the easiest and fastest way to order and pay, bar none. So, if you're looking for an order and pay solution to improve your businesses efficiency and boost your sales, get in touch with us today.

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