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What are the benefits of seasonal menus?

June 13, 2022
Michael - Marketing Manager

Seasonal menus

We’ll start this post with some food for thought. Did you know that 49% of consumers consider seasonal menus to be more appetising?  How about the fact that 59% of consumers say they’re more likely to purchase an item from a menu if it’s said to be ‘seasonal’.  

Although these stats are pretty tasty, we appreciate they might not be enough to convince you to adopt seasonal menus within your venue. So that’s why we’ve served up the below reasons why introducing seasonal menus could be beneficial for your venue and how Peazi’s order and pay solution can support this. Tuck in and enjoy.

1. Stay Trendy

Whether you run a bar, cafe, restaurant or any food and drink venue, you know that your customers’ appetites change with the seasons. During the summer months, punters turn to lighter lunches and ice-cold beers and cocktails, whilst the winter months call for heartwarming soups, stews, hot chocolate and mulled wine. With that being said, it’s essential to change your menu with the seasons to keep your guests coming back all year round.

Not only should you stay relevant with seasonal offerings, but you should also keep an eye out for culinary trends. Be it the latest vegan dish sweeping the nation to a popular flavour of ice cream discovered on TikTok, ensuring your menu stays with the times will let people know you’re the go-to venue.

Staying trendy is eazi with Peazi. Our mobile ordering and payment service model allows you to update your bespoke digital menu anytime. So you can upsell your seasonal menu items, have limited time offers and ultimately increase your revenue.

2. Excite your Staff

Updating your menu in line with the seasons should be exciting for your regular customers and your loyal staff. Your chefs and bar staff will undoubtedly jump at the chance to get creative, work with new flavours, show off their talents and sprinkle a seasonal touch onto your menu.  

When you come to switch up your menu, be sure to host a menu tasting for your staff. Tasting sessions are great for team bonding and give your staff a better understanding of what they’re selling and, ultimately, is something they can get excited about. Once they fall in love with your new seasonal dishes, so will your customers.

Making these seasonal changes to your menu also doesn't have to be a chore, not with Peazi anyway. Unlike updating a physical menu, which can take days, if not weeks, you can update your digital menu in minutes with Peazi.

3. Embrace new flavours

Certain flavours are just meant for a particular time of year, the ones you can picture matching with a specific season. Be it a hot cross bun in the spring or a pumpkin pie in the autumn, diversifying your menu throughout the year with new and punchy flavours is a great way to keep your venue fresh.

Now we're not saying you have to constantly re-write your menu each quarter, as you probably have dishes and beverages that are popular all year round. But incorporating seasonal ingredients into your menu, if only for weekly or daily specials, is something worth considering.

With Peazi, you can rotate your seasonal products within your digital menu in real-time as and when you please. So, you can showcase those new flavours and ingredients to your customers when they hit their peak. What's more, you can give your customers full visibility on dietary requirements and allergens.

4. Support local producers

So we've established the importance of embracing new flavours for your seasonal menus, but where are you getting these fresh ingredients? Well, if you haven't already, you should consider connecting with your local suppliers and farms and bringing their goods to your table.

Partnering with a local supplier is a great way to justify a new menu with your customers and build a loyal following within your community. Additionally, it shows you care about fresh, good quality ingredients and are passionate about supporting the local economy.

Using locally sourced goods like fruit and vegetables also reduces your carbon footprint and shows you are making a conscious effort to support the environment. What's more, with Peazi, you can let your punters know where their food and drink have come from by simply highlighting this within your digital menu's product description.

5. Manage food & waste costs

Minimising waste and keeping costs down is a priority for many food and drink venues, even more so after the financial challenges imposed by the pandemic. Any wastage can damage the environment and your pocket, and the foods you do waste tend to be the ones not in season.

Believe it or not, many seasonal foods are cheaper due to their abundance. They're also more popular with consumers due to their freshness and peak quality. All in all, you'll get your money's worth out of seasonal produce, and everyone loves a business that takes pride in sustainability and reduces waste where possible.

Want to shout about sustainability on your online order and pay web app? Well, Peazi's fully-customisable digital menus give you the freedom to do just that - putting the power in your hands.

If you’re hungry to learn more about our offering, get in touch with our team today. No matter the season, we’ll respond within 24 hours to give you a taste of the solutions we can bring to your venue.

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