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Your Essential Guide: How to Make Mobile Order & Pay a Success

March 3, 2022
Michael - Marketing Manager

Mobile Order & Pay solutions have gone from ‘nice to have’, to an essential tool for success in hospitality venues. As there are multiple mobile solutions on the market, we’ve put together a quick guide to help you assess which mobile solutions will create the most benefits for your business. From understanding what fees to expect, to avoiding common pitfalls, here’s everything you need to know.

So, What Are the Benefits?

Mobile solutions are about much more than providing a safe, contactless service. By implementing the right solution, these are the benefits you should be guaranteed to see:

  • Improved customer experience: your app should be so simple to use that your guests love it!
  • Reduced labour costs: This is a key benefit- your staff don’t need to be taking orders, instead they can focus on preparation and service
  • Increased sales: your capacity to take orders will greatly increase
  • Increased spend: Your app will be successfully promoting premium products and add-ons
  • Increase tips: your solution will make adding tips easier than ever before

Things that are really (really) important to consider…

So, the right mobile solution can provide great benefits to your business. However, don’t dive in head first. There are tons of different Order & Pay apps on the market, and it’s important to remember that not all are created equal.

In fact, they differ immensely when it comes to their fees, functionality and flexibility (the 3 F’s, if you will). Choosing the wrong solution can lead to these common frustrations:

Frustrations for Operators:

  • High transaction fees
  • Long wait periods for payouts
  • Inflexible systems that can’t be configured
  • Cross-marketing (this is where apps used across multiple sites take your customers data and sell it on to other venues)

Frustrations for Customers:

  • Having to download another app onto their phone
  • Having to register personal details to place an order
  • Having to input card details into an app they don’t know/trust

Fees for Thought

First things first: nothing in life is free. To comply with Covid safety measures, many businesses quickly signed up to ‘free’ order and pay apps, only to find later down the line that these cost greatly in time, money and inefficiency.

To avoid this pitfall, the key thing to focus on when choosing the right solution is this: the app should provide return on investment. Here’s some things to consider to ensure your solution is guaranteed to provide the return on investment you’re looking for:

Questions to ask app providers…

  • Are there any upfront fees?
  • Are there any required hardware purchases?
  • What are the transaction fees?
  • Are there any fixed monthly costs?

Remember! Some mobile solutions, such as Peazi, will have flexible payment terms. This means we work for you to find the most cost-effective payment scheme for your business model. Interested in how mobile order and pay could work for your business? Get in touch today!

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