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What is Peazi?

Think, scanning a QR code to order your own food and drinks. It's like having a personal waiter in your pocket which isn't just fast, but a great experience! Why make people wait when they can have it now.

  • No waiting in queues to order or pay
  • No accounts faff or apps to download
  • A tasty 11% increase in revenue on average
  • 400% increase in tips on average
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how it works

So how does it all work?

Peazi is super easy to use which is why our venue's and their customers love it! Intuitive and packed with features, customers can order and pay within as little as 30 seconds of walking into any venue. Meaning you turn more tables and make more money.

Step 1

The customer scans the QR code from their table

The customer scans your bespoke and branded QR code that instantly takes them to your digital menu. Have lots of vendors at one site? Peazi lets you order and pay from any vendor at the same time!

Step 2

Time to browse that menu

Customers can search, filter, and browse your digital menu and add items to their cart with just a click. If something goes out of stock whilst they're browsing, it will instantly be removed from the menu.

Step 3

Time to pay up

Customers pay for their items easily with a card, Apple pay, or Google pay. Customers can also leave a tip and pay for additional charges like charity donations or admin fees.


2023 Customer insights report

We've published a free hospitality customer insights report with over 8000 customer responses so you know where to put your time, money, and efforts when it comes to your success!

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  • No additional fees on Amex, credit cards, etc
  • No fees for refunds on any orders
  • Free menu migration service available
  • Average labour reduction of 3 min per order
  • Average increase in revenue of 11%
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People gossip about Peazi, and so they should!

"As a business Peazi makes our service so much more organised and effective. We have a higher turnover of tables because it’s so easy for guests to order and pay quickly....."
Lee Bannon-Smith
General Manager, Duke Street Market
"During our Christmas market popup in Leeds, Peazi helped us increase our spend per head and decrease wait times. We'd previously had frustrations about wait times and customers not choosing more premium options..."
Lee Jones
Creative Director, Rolling Social Events
"Works brilliantly for our hot food takeaway business. Our sales has increased significantly with Peazi's expertise and we would thoroughly recommend to anyone who requires an online platform to boost their income!"
Owner, Treasure City
"As Manager at What The Pitta restaurant I have found the Peazi system easy to use, and it has greatly increased the number of orders we receive day-to-day."
William Bigwood
General Manager, What The Pitta

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