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Allerton Manor Golf Club

March 3, 2023
June 26, 2023
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This is Allerton Manor Golf Club

Allerton Manor Golf Club is a large golf club, events space, and food and drinks venue in Liverpool. It is made up of an 918 hole golf course, a luxury restaurant called The Old Stables, event and wedding spaces, and a beer garden with capacity for 800 people. The venue regularly hosts events on its large outdoor screen such as football events, Eurovision, and golfding events. 

Allerton Manor Golf Club in Numbers

  • 800 seater beer garden 
  • 65% on Peazi

Life before Peazi

As a large venues and golf club, Allerton Manor sees large numbers of guestsguest visit the venue during the warm summer months. With lots of events, bookings, and overall great weather, the beer garden sees tens of thousands of people each month. As the garden was set to open for the year in March 2023, the team wanted to make some changes to help reduce labour costs, eliminate staff input errors, and speed up service. 

So I started in the middle of March when the beer garden was closed. We looked at how we would open the beer garden this year. It just made sense for me. I’ve used Peazi as a customer before, and I also looked at putting it on one of my other venues before. It just made sense, it seemed like the perfect venue for itRhys Stainstreet-Tyer, F&B Manager

Allerton Manor Golf Club  also has a large restaurant called The Old Stables which serves a range of food, drinks, and even has a dog menu. The venue often sees golfers return after a game and sit on the outside tables furthest from the bar, meaning they sometimes were not seen or had to come to the bar to order. 

A lot of the golfers tend to sit on the table the furthest away where no one can see them. And they will have to get up, you know walk in, get someone’s attention, and then somebody has to go out with a menu, and you know, you’re just adding time to the serviceRhys Stainstreet-Tyer, F&B Manager

What were the challenges?

As the team readied to open the beer garden for the spring and summer, their main concerns were dealing with the sheer amount of orders that would be taken at theteh 800- capacity beer garden, and the time it took to take those orders and payments.

The big for me is just the volume, the volume here is just insane When this was originallyorgianilly built the idea was we were going to do 2/300, now it’s just way way beyond that. If we were to do the volume just over the bar with people paying we’d have a line down the street.Rhys Stainstreet-Tyer, F&B Manager

The team also wanted to implement a way to all but eliminate ordering errors to help reduce refunds, complaints, and overall negative customercustomers experiences throughout their venues. As theAs the the golf club as multiple food and drinks locations including events spaces, a restaurant, and the beer garden, the menus changed throughout the day, making it time- consuming and expensive to change menus. 

TheThe the size of the beer garden was very much at the forefront of the teams mind before reopening in March 2023, and the rising costs of operating hospitality venues was ever- increasing. Because of this, Allerton’s team needed a way to reduce their wastage and labour costs without compromising on their killer customercusotmer experiences. 

How did Peazi help?

Large venues create amazing atmospheresatmosphers that should be enjoyed from first walking in to the last moment a guest walks out. By allowing their staff to solely focus on getting food and drinks to customers faster, the venue has seen a rise in their positive reviews, and an overall increase in sales. Customers no longer have to wait to be given menus, have their orders taken, or wait for their bills to be paid. 

If I could put all those card transactions through Peazi rather than the tills, I probably would if I could… We would rather everything go through the app cause it’s just faster, it’s easier. It’s almost like we’ve employed the customer to input all the orders and take the payments.Rhys Stainstreet-Tyer, F&B Manager

Allerton Manor also uses Peazi’s timed menus feature heavily throughout the site. By automatically setting up which menus appear to guests at what time, the venue has reduced menu costs, as well as the time taken to change menus and inform guests as they are seated, giving an overall much smoother experience. The venue has also useduses the app'sapps opening hours capability to stream line their last orders process, meaningmening there are no longerthere’s no longer large lines at the bar moments before closing. 

The venue also promotes some of their more premium products , and takes advantage of Peazi’s automatic upselling feature to help encourage customers to consider certain products to help increase sales. 

Final Thought

One last thing....

"The Peazi team are fantastic and have alllowed us to completely transform our business. We've seen a revenue increase of over 300% this year and we could't be more happy".
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