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Ormskirk Food And Drink Market

March 3, 2023
June 23, 2023
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This is Ormskirk Food & Drink Market

Ormskirk Food & Drink Market is a food hall based in Ormskirk just outside of Liverpool central. The venue is over 10,000 square feet and hosts loads of fun activities such as live music, shuffleboard, darts, and more. The food hall is home to 5 unique kitchens, a large bar, and retail shops, and is split over two floors. The venue opened in November 2022 and has been a huge success with both the areas locals and visitors alike. 

Ormskirk Food & Drink Market in Numbers

  • 10,000 sq ft food, drink, and music venue 
  • Over £18,600 in tips raised from Jan - March 2023
  • Average spend per order of £18.82
  • Labour cost of 18% 
  • Over 75% of all transactions go through Peazi 
  • A 28% uplift on average spend through Peazi vs POS

Life before Peazi

Ormskirk Food & Drink Market opened its doors to the public in November 2022. The food hall wanted to ensure the best customer experience possible, whilst also keeping a good handle on their labour, wastage, and operational expenses. The team demo’d several order and pay solutions before selecting Peazi. Having worked in multiple other hospitality venues, the team noted that they didn’t want to have the same problems with this new food hall as they had experienced in the past. 

So, previous venues I’ve worked at we do service at the table, so you’ve got waitresses taking orders on waitress pads, or orders are done straight at the till. You get a lot of confusion, you get a lot of people who don’t know what they want. The guest, they take things off, you sometimes can get it wrong, accidents on our part and the customers part at the same time… In other jobs, essentially, it was all about the wait staff, so they could be at a table for a good 20 minutes trying to make sure all the orders were right, all the customers were happyJade Simpson - Assistant General manager

What were the challenges?

Like most venues considering order and pay for their food hall, the team at Ormskirk Food & Drink Market wanted to allow their customers to order from all of their vendors in one single transaction, so as to reduce cost (less pence per transaction charges), upsell across all vendors, and easily be able to mark items out of stock without causing any confusion to the customers.

When we were looking at what we were going to put in place for the market, because we’re such a big venue and we’re gonna have such a large volume of customers we needed something that was gonna be so customer friendly, and Peazi is one of the only, I think one of the very few, were you can order from multiple sites at once. Obviously, we’ve got six kitchens, a cake vendor at the front as well, and it’s so easy you can order from all six kitchens at once if you wanted to, whereas not a lot of other places allowed us to do that.” Jade Simpson - Assistant General Manager

The team were conscious to use a system that didn’t detract from the overall experience of visiting the food hall, and wanted the tech they chose to be complicit in their style of service, both on a day to day and during busy events.

So I think compared to other jobs, the way in which Peazi helps it just goes a lot quicker. Even though we can still interact with customers in other ways so we can speak to them more rather than not being able to have conversations with them I think it just speeds it up and makes everything efficientDavid, Floor Supervisor  

How did Peazi help?

Peazi was installed at Ormskirk Food & Drink Market from day one. From the offset, the venue benefited from amazingly lower-than-average labour costs which sit at around 18% on average, with the industry average being anywhere upto 40%* of the venue's sales. Ormskirk also takes great advantage of the tipping feature within Peazi, having taken over £18,000 in tips from January to March 2023 alone. Our order and pay web app helped the food hall deliver amazing experiences over the busiest of periods, showing it could stand up to large crowds and busy peak times when it was needed the most. 

“With every new business, I think there’s niggles, there’s teething problems and I think it was just after Christmas time we realised we’d really hit the nail on the head, we picked well. I think Christmas was so so busy for us, we were a new venue, there’s not something like this locally. We were doing parties of 40, 50 people without a hitch. It was just so easy, I think that’s when we knew if it can keep up when its like this at Christmas we’ve absolutely made the right decision” Jade Simpson - Assistant General Manager

With over 75% of all the food halls orders going through Peazi rather than their POS system, Peazi is helping the Ormskirk Market team warm more, by producing a 28,900% + increase in tips with in comparison to those collected via the POS system. 

The venue has also all but stopped order errors due to customers ordering items that go out of stock with the help of Peazi’s instant menu updates feature, as well as setting up a single menu for ‘specials’ that all vendors can add items to and promote their new products. 

The final verdict

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Google Review 

“We have been using Peazi for close to seven months now and it is an amazing tool for our business. It is easy to follow and an extremely guest friendly experience. The QR codes take you straight to an easy to use platform without having to download any apps." Jade Simpson - Assistant General manager 

*  Source : RotaCloud
Final Thought

One last thing....

"Peazi is very customisable and their [sic] is always someone on hand to help with any technical questions as well as the original setup. I would definitely recommend for anyone looking to move to a QR based ordering system.”
Jade - Assistant General Manager
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