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Duke Street Market

March 3, 2023
June 12, 2023
Food Halls

This is Duke Street Market, Liverpool!

Duke Street Market is a large, 350-capacity food hall slap bang in the centre of Liverpool. Spanning two floors, the food hall is home to six independent street food vendors, a restaurant, two bars, and loads of hanging lights. Serving up some of Liverpool’s most diverse and delicious dishes from its varied vendors, it is no surprise that the venue is one of Liverpool's most highly rated venues on TripAdvisor, and Google.

Duke Street Market in Numbers

  • 350-capacity venue
  • 6 independent kitchens, 1 restaurant, and  2 large bars
  • 90%+ orders placed directly through Peazi
  • 14% increase in high-value drink orders (cocktails)
  • 96% increase in weekly revenue from 2020 to 2022
  • An extra week's worth of wages in tips in the first month

Life before Peazi

Like most hospitality venues in 2020, Duke Street Market found themselves faced with having to come up with a way of continuing the running of their business whilst sticking to all the new social distancing rules that came with the pandemic.

On top of this, they wanted a new and innovative way of providing a killer experience to their customers without adding additional strain to their team, their service, or their vendors. Duke Street Market’s General Manager, Lee, chats about some of the challenges the food hall faced before installing Peazi in our case study video.

“Before Peazi the market was a bit organised chaos. Everybody could walk around, do what they wanted, people would sit where they wanted, ordering food from the kitchens, service became quiet augmented and quite difficult…” Lee Bannon-Smith, General Manager

What were the challenges?

Unlike a typical restaurant where a group of people choose from one menu, Duke Street Market has multiple vendors operating out of one place, along with multiple menus for customers to choose from. Because of this, customers were making several separate orders and payments from lots of different vendors at different times, resulting in items coming at varying times, and long queues.    

As the venue is quite large, there were also challenges managing the door and host area, as large numbers of people would come in, wander around the venue, order, and then struggle to find somewhere suitable to sit. This also added extra challenges for the front-of-house team who would often struggle to find where people were sitting if they moved around. 

Allowing customers to order for themselves was important to Duke Street Market as it gave customers the freedom to explore the menus and see the wide range of offerings, as well as define their own level of service and experience.  

How did Peazi help?

With the help of our multi-vendor ordering feature, Peazi was able to provide a quick win for the Duke Street Market team! Guests can now simply walk in, find a seat, scan the QR code, and place their orders at one or multiple vendors. Customers then pay in seconds using either card, ApplePay, or Google Pay, all at the same time in one order. The venue also saw huge savings in labour costs. Individual vendors no longer needed a designated member of staff to move away from the kitchen and take orders at a till, and front-of-house staff were not tasked with taking drink orders throughout the venue. Instead, guests order at their own pace, as often as they like, meaning staff could focus on perfectly prepping and delivering orders.

One of the best things about Peazi was that it is very very guest user-friendly. It’s great for our guests, it’s easy to use, they don't have to download anything, they don’t have to put anything on their phone, they can literally just scan, it opens a webpage, and away they go Lee Bannon-Smith, General Manager

As this was a move to cashless payments, the food hall and their team had concerns that this could lead to a decline in tips. However, with the help of Peazi’s intuitive tipping feature, we ensured that guests had every opportunity to show gratitude with the option to easily add a tip of 5%, 10% or 15%, at the checkout. By giving Duke Street Market the option of selecting the default tip amount that customers could then change, we helped make tipping even easier for customers, resulting in the team taking home the equivalent of an extra week's worth of wages!

“We’ve seen a rise in our tips since using Peazi because people tend to just add it on, they have probably doubled, so yeah for us that makes it a lot better” Lauren, Floor Staff 

The food hall also saw a large increase in positive reviews with a focus on how easy the order and pay process is to use, how easy the service is, how smooth the food hall runs, etc. At the time of publishing this case study, Duke Street Market has a 4.5 star rating on TripAdvisor, with over 260 reviews. It also ranks #7 of 258 for the category of Quick Bites in Liverpool! The venue also has a 4.6 star rating on Google, with over 1000 reviews at the time of writing this case study. 

The final verdict

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Google Review

“Peazi is such a guest friendly service. Guests don’t have to download an app or input excesses of data into their phone, they just scan the QR code and away they go! 

As a business Peazi makes our service so much more organised and effective. We have a higher turnover of tables because it’s so easy for guests to order and pay quickly, and in terms of drinks, guests can reorder so quickly on Peazi that we’ve seen a marked increase in sales. 

Before Peazi we had issues with guests at busy periods ordering at the counter and then struggling to find a table. As a result we had to manage the capacity of the venue heavily. Now we’re able to greet guests, explain the QR code service and then allow guests to order, drink and eat in their own time. 

We’ve seen our reviews have gotten markedly more positive since using Peazi, with a lot of guests commenting on how easy the app is to use and how smooth the venue runs.”

Lee Bannon-Smith, General Manager

Final Thought

One last thing....

"I prefer using a QA code when I'm ordering in a venue I feel like you get a bit more time to look at the menu in-depth, and you can see more of what's inside the dishes, but you still get a bit of interaction from the waiters and the staff. I can honestly say I've never had a worse experience using a QR code... I think it's easier to see what you're getting on a QR code because you can browse the full menu and there might be little bits that aren't necessarily on like a printed menu."
Duke Street Market Customer
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