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Bold Street Coffee

March 3, 2023
June 13, 2023
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This is Bold Street Coffee

Bold Street Coffee is an award winning coffee shop with four stunning venues across Manchester and Liverpool UK. The venues are a mix of inner city venues, University campus venues, and hidden gems. The venues offer a mix of food and drinks including all day breakfasts, pancakes, sweet treats, and their legendary Bouys which is a toasted brioche bun stacked with meaty, veggie, or vegan-y goodness! 

Bold Street Coffee in Numbers

  • 4 venues across Manchester and Liverpool
  • 67% of payments are made using Apple Pay
  • New Uni Green site launched with Peazi from day one
  • Increase in sales through Peazi of 160% on average across all sites

Life before Peazi

Bold Street Coffee started life in Liverpool on Bold Street (believe it or not) in 2012. As part of the GSG group, the team were very familiar with what it took to run an awesome hospitality business that customers would love to visit. 

Their aim is to allow customers to define their own experiences within their venues whilst providing unique and delicious food and drink. Grab and go, or stay for hours and work, the customers decides! 

At the Uni Green site, if it didn’t use Peazi, there would be so many queues! There would be one massive queue all the way down to the university. With University students aswel, we give them the chance to be able to talk to us, but when they can sit down and order from the QR code it almost gives them a choice just to sit there and obviously do their work and not have to worry about talking to anybody”. - Rachel, Uni Green Bold Street Coffee General Manager

What were the challenges?

As a coffee shop, Bold Street Coffee has a mixture of customers who want to sit in and take their time, and grab their items and takeout. From students and office workers, to tourists and regulars, the coffee shop wanted to be able to provide a great experience for everyone at their own pace without slowing down service and increasing wait times or labour costs. 

When it comes to QR codes it does help service out, it sort of saves that one person maybe always being on the till, always waiting for the next person. It kinda frees that person up almost to do other things, which is primarily the most handiest thing I think, otherwise there’s a queue like miles long and that one person is literally there being like ‘hi hello, hi hello, hi hello, hi hello’. Whereas, when they’re not there, theres a bit more fluidity in it, so they can come they can run around, they can help, they can even chat to guests and kinda create that sort of vibe that we’re trying to create at Bold Street Coffee”. - Rachel, General Manager

The team behind Bold Street Coffee were keen to reduce the risk of order errors and create a more consistent operation process from day one. They also wanted to provide an easy way for customers to order and pay at the cafe with all the info they needed right at their seats. 

How did Peazi help?

Peazi was first installed into Bold Street Coffee in August of 2021.

“So we don't’ do table service, it allows people to it in the sun and not have to be again constantly going up and down up and down up and down trying to order a single drink or a side of hash browns. So that in itself would be a two person job alone where as with Peazi it’s not even a one person job which is great really, saves us an awful lot of time”. -  Rachel, General Manager

The final verdict

⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐Google Review 

“Peazi is a fantastic tool for our business. Our sales have grown massively over the last year with the system in place. Its a really easy platform to navigate for the guest and doesn't need any faff downloading an app. Its super customisable and easy to use from an admin perspective as well. Aarun and the team at Peazi are always on hand to help and are a great bunch to work with. Definitely recommend to anyone looking to get a QR ordering system.” Matt Brookes - General Manager

Final Thought

One last thing....

"Generally, I do tend to like the QR system", especially if you're meeting somebody for a catchup not to have to like disrupt your conversation by going up and order, I think that can be really helpful.
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