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Baltic Market Liverpool

March 3, 2023
June 15, 2023
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This is Baltic Market, Liverpool

Baltic Market is a food and drinks market in the Baltic Triangle in Liverpool, UK. With capacity for over 700 people, the food hall describes itself as the place for fussy friends and picky palates, zealous vegans and juicy meat lovers, the gluten free and the never full. So basically it’s for everyone and the kitchen sink, and with 11 vendors to choose from it’s easy to see why.

Baltic Market in Numbers

  • 700+ capacity venue
  • 11 independent vendors and a large bar
  • 50% increase in order efficiency
  • Revenue Increase of 3.12%
  • Average Spend increase of 55% due to multi vendor order
  • Total Tips Increase of 483%

Life before Peazi

Baltic Market has been open around 6 years and aims to be a food hall that suits anyone! 

It’s literally one of those kinda places where you can come to on a Friday night with your mates for a few pints and then literally come back with your nan on a Sunday morning for a little coffee. That’s what we’ve always wanted to be, a little something for everyone”Oliver Press, Director

Baltic Market previously replied solely on pagers, were customers would go to each vendor, order their own meals and drinks, be provided with a pager that would buzz when the food was ready, then find a table. Aware that this could throttle upselling, spending across multiple vendors, and issues finding tables, the food hall wanted to find a solution to help everyone. 

In general, food halls flow a lot smoother when customers are given the freedom and choice to locate a table first, then order across multiple vendors from the comfort of their seat in one single transaction.

What were the challenges?

Before using Peazi, the team at the market said that one of their main focusses was trying to improve the speed in which people could easily place orders through their app. Previous apps they used (no names mentioned 👀) took too many clicks from start to finish which frustrated some customers, and confused those who might not be as familiar with the tech. 

Not everyones tech savvy and like I said this is a place where older people come and some people have older phones and we just needed to make that process as quick and easy as possible”. Oliver Press - Director  

As the venue can host hundreds of people, the single bar area had challenges with congestion which saw people having to queue to order and collect their drinks, as well as queuing customers spilling out into the dining and seating areas. 

How did Peazi help?

Peazi was installed at Baltic Market in August 2022, and has had some big wins ever since! As a food hall, giving customers a really easy ordering experience is a must. Food halls, including Baltic Market, have lots of amazing options and if menus aren’t displayed in a good manner, both vendors and customers miss out. Our multi-vendor ordering feature was something the team at Baltic fell in love with from day one. 

“Favourite feature of Peazi, which is absolutely amazing, is the multi order, and that is just a game changer cause it doesn’t even feel like you’re spending real money when you can just add fried chicken in your basket, pizza in your basket, cocktails in your basket, boom done, and its just that speed… The multi order feature is honestly yeah perfect it’s boss”. Oliver Press, Director 

By allowing customers to see all their options at once, and order from multiple vendors with a single order, took their customers experience to a whole new level. 

I don’t think we’ve actually ever received a bad review regarding the app” - Simon Au, General Manager 

The order and pay solution for the food hall also helped its team increase their tips by over 483% on average within the first month of installing Peazi simply by setting the tipping feature to default on an optional 10% tip.

We’ve seen a big increase in the teams tips which is really good, obviously the team are buzzin with that… It’s been great for everyone”. - Oliver Press, Director

The food hall also saw great improvements in their efficiency too. By reducing the number of orders by 50% but still increasing average order by over 55%, the venue was able to reduce the number of individual orders that were received into fewer, higher value orders. This helped save time on running individual orders, order screen congestion, and losing orders. It also helped prevent orders coming to group of people at differing times. 

Final Thought

One last thing....

“The stand-out feature that I would say with Peazi that's different from other apps, is defiantly the fact that you can order from multiple venues, multiple traders in the same order which just helps service massively"
Simon Au, General Manager 
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